Nylas N1 – The Next-Gen Email Client

Everyone having access to the internet sends and receives emails one way or another. Though some barely use it to sign-up for a social network or any other online service whilst others use it as their primary mode of communication or collaboration . Well, this is not the case with “power users”. They want more […]


Remix OS – Android, Reimagined

Android, though meant to be used on mobile devices does not stop brilliant minds over at Jide Technology to come up with Remix OS – a new kind of android-based operating system that runs on PCs and Macs with the expense of a USB stick. It focusses primarily on the portability and ease of availability […]


Humble Beginnings

I am excited to launch my site finally after hours of work put in. The main idea behind it was to compile the things I’m interested in into a centralised place. This way, I would share my experiences and other stuff with my fellow beings with the hope that It’ll prove beneficial. I hope it […]